Star Wars: Battle of the Killer Planet by Zoe Campbell age 11

  CHAPTER ONE: ESCAPE FROM THE STAR DESTROYER. Once upon a time, in a galaxy far,far away, an enormous Star Destroyer was chasing a small silver ship. On that ship there were two children and two droids. The two children’s names were Alya and Kit,and the two droids were BB units called BB12,(the pink one),and BB6,(the... Continue Reading →


The Ninja Guardians! By Oliver ND Campbell, age 8

CHAPTER 1 THE MAGIC WORLD! Once upon a time there was a little boy named Oliver. He was eight years old. One day he was having a play-date with his friends Zoë and Ethan. When he was playing with dress-ups he saw a red ninja dress-up in the cupboard. It's red fabric glowed, shining in... Continue Reading →

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